Learn to Swim

Romford Otters Swim School

Our LTS Summer term will commence on Thursday 21st April 2022.

Please click HERE to view the new Summer 2022 timetable & payment information.
If you have any questions or you would like further information please contact us at: Learntoswim.rtsc@hotmail.co.uk
We look forward to welcoming our younger swimmers back to the pool!

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One of the most important things we can do to ensure our children’s safety is to teach them how to swim. There is no particular age at which learning to swim is best achieved, but when you do feel that the time is right the experience can be both frustrating and frightening for children and it is often best for qualified professionals to teach this particular skill.

Romford Otters, the “learn to swim” section of Romford Town Swimming Club, are a professional group that have been teaching local children to swim for many years. Your goal may simply be for your child to be safe in and around the water. Alternatively, you may believe you have a budding champion on your hands who will, in time, progress through to the club squads. Whatever the circumstances, Romford Otters’ learn to swim programme has something to offer you and your child.

Our staff are a good mix of mature, highly experienced professional teachers who are supported by young and newly qualified assistants who have been or, are still, active swimmers. Class sizes are limited for safety and to ensure your child receives the right amount of attention to enable them to progress to the next level when they are ready to do so.

Romford Otters helps to create and develop young swimmers whilst establishing essential life-skills in a fun and lively environment.