*CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – 06.09.2020*_Return to pool – Phase 2

Wow!. I cannot believe that we have been back in the pool for nearly 6 weeks now, with Phase 1 of our return to swimming plan finishing next week. It has been sometimes an impossible journey which has been made easier by teamwork from the Covid liaisons, swimmers, coaches and of course you as parents. We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for their continued support.
We are so proud of all the swimmers as they have handled the “new” ways of doing things with aplomb and continue to train hard to get their fitness levels back to where it was pre Covid. The coaches have been impressed with them as well so please pass on our sincerest thanks to them.
It has been a frantic week trying to coordinate with all the different centres that we use for training to ensure that we implement both Swim England and PHE guidelines so as to keep our swimmers, parents, teachers and coaches safe and Covid secure. As always, we aim to create the best possible COVID-secure environment for us all so that our swimmers can continue to enjoy their training sessions.
Phase 2 return to swimming schedules
This is effective from Monday 14th September 2020. (Download here).
The coaches have extensively reviewed the water times available as well as squad abilities to train together and produced a schedule that works well for the club as we continue to ensure that our swimmers are training effectively.
To best maximise the pool-time there will be some movement of swimmers between squads based on their present training abilities/fitness levels.  These will be announced later this week and will be effective from Monday 21st September 2020
As we gradually return to fuller programmes for both land-training and swimming sessions, it is vital that all swimmers comply with the new rules to keep everyone safe.
A further email will be sent out later this week detailing the arrangements for Abbs Cross and Becontree centres.
As always if you have any queries please contact us via the club email address – romfordtownsc@aol.com.
RTSC Committee

*CORONAVIRUS UPDATE – 27.07.2020* – Returning to the pool.

After four months out of the water, Everyone Active have confirmed that we can resume training from Wednesday 29th July 2020.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our members for your genuine support and patience during this difficult period, hopefully we can come out of this a better and stronger club.

Unfortunately Abbs Cross and Becontree 50m pool will not be reopening until September at the earliest as there are still ongoing negotiations with the school and the local authority. However, we have been able to secure additional water time at Central Park and Sapphire leisure Centres.

Although this will mean a total change from our current schedule, we are very fortunate as other clubs in the region are struggling to get water time from their pool providers.


Training schedule

All existing squad timetables are cancelled and our phased return to training schedule will come into effect from Wednesday 29th July, until further notice.

Click HERE to view the Return to training schedule.

This first phase of returning to training will include the 6 weeks between the 27th July to 7th September 2020. Therefore, there will be no summer shutdown this year. We will be training throughout the month of August; I am sure you will appreciate this after such a long time away from the pool

Our phased return timetable is the approach that is recommended by Swim England. It has been designed to ensure all squads can access appropriate training and to fit in line with our pool availability. All squads during this period will be operating on reduced number of hours. This will allow us to accommodate the whole club but is also a reflection of needing to run a progressive programme taking into consideration the past four months spent out of the water. Missing such a large period of training may increase the potential risk of injury.

Whilst we are excited to be returning to training and to start working together towards our goals and objectives it is important that swimmers and parents are comfortable with our new training environment. While the club’s vision to help every athlete achieve their potential hasn’t changed due to the impact of Coronavirus, our training environment and the way we work together will be very different during this period


Pool arrangements

Based on the advice from Swim England and in consultation with our facility providers the layout of our sessions will also change. We will be working to a maximum of 6 swimmers per single lane and the coaches will be assigning swimmers to specific lanes. These lane assignments must be adhered to by all swimmers.

In line with Swim England guidance our pool sessions will be for the sole use of the club and no member/public lane swimming will be allowed for the duration of our scheduled session.

Please ensure that all swimmers have read the following two documents before returning to training.


Parents viewing

One of the Clubs key values is ‘Teamwork’ and we certainly include the support parents give to all swimmers within this model. However, on the return to training parents will not be allowed to accompany swimmers inside any of the training venues and will be asked to drop their children off at a designated point where they will be escorted poolside by the squad Covid liaison officer.



In order to keep everyone safe we are also asking that all equipment is labelled with swimmer’s names on them and that they have been cleaned, preferably sterilised, before and after each session. This may add to work at home but will help athletes adhere to Swim England guidelines and ensure they get the best out of every session they attend. Once equipment is to be used again, swimmers must ensure that their equipment is not shared in any way.


Strength & Conditioning

During this first phase of training our S & C classes will continue via Zoom. The sessions now carry even more importance as they also act as a way to prepare the body for returning to pool training.


Documents for review

All three important documents below must be completed for each swimmer before they can return to training.



We hope this communication will help you understand how RTSC will be operating over these 6 weeks of training and we very much look forward to having everyone back in the water and enjoying training again

The last few months have been incredibly tough for everyone and I hope all our efforts now get us back into the water safely.


RTSC Executive Members



*CORONAVIRUS UPDATE-15.06.2020* – Swim England release guidance on returning to the pool

Swim England has today (15.06.2020) published its comprehensive Returning to the Pool guidance.

The documents include robust recommendations ahead of the Government giving the green light for a return to the water following the Coronavirus pandemic.
Operators, Clubs, Swimmers and Coaches can now see how we will all have to adapt to a ‘new normal’ to ensure the safety of everyone visiting and working at pool facilities.
The guidance is based on the latest scientific advice and Government guidelines and will be regularly updated by Swim England to reflect any changes announced in the future.
Click HERE to view the CLUBS guidance for returning to the pool.
Click HERE to view the USERS guidance for returning to the pool.
Click HERE to view Frequently Asked Questions about Returning to the pool.

Swim England Chief Executive Jane Nickerson said: “While the guidance contains vital information on how to reopen facilities, unfortunately it doesn’t include the key date on when pools can open.

“We will continue to lobby the Government for a reopening date but, ultimately, we have to be guided by them on this.

“However, it will not be a case of ‘business as usual’ and we know that things will have to be different.”

Click HERE to go to the Swim England page for more information on returning to the pool.


We sincerely hope that you have all managed to keep safe & well in these uncertain times. We will endeavor to provide further updates as soon as we possibly can.