Gala report & Results for RTSC End of Season Meet_15.07.2017

Well done to all of the swimmers that took part and a special thank you to all of the officials and volunteers that helped out on the day

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RTSC host end of season meet at prestigious LAC

What a way to finish the season; 382 swimmers from 33 clubs, including representation from Australia, Lebanon, USA and Wales!  RTSC certainly finished their season off in style.  And even with such high calibre competition, Town still managed to come away with much to celebrate.

The girls’ 200IM saw a glorious Town 1,2,3 in the 14 year old girls’ age group, courtesy of Emily Milton, Amelia Moule and Agne Slipaityte.  9 year old Ella Kilby and 16 year old Georgia Milton both took gold medals.  9 year old Aida Morter claimed silver whilst 13 year old Holly Hagan collected a bronze.

13 year old Daniel Gencas and 15 year old Aaron Wilson both claimed the gold medal positions in the boys’ 200m Freestyle.  10 year old Raheel Mahmood collected silver and 14 year old Nathan Banga a bronze.

Next came the girls’ 50m Freestyle where 12 year old Victoria Dreleva won gold and 11 year old Ruby Le May a silver.  The boys’ had the 50m Breaststroke where 10 year old Lewis Jarrett collected silver and a fine PB and 12 year old Connor McCarthy a bronze.

The girls swam the 100m Backstroke where a trio of golds came from the girls courtesy of Kilby, Dreleva and Moule.

100m Freestyle produced 5 medals for Town’s boys; golds again to Gencas and Wilson, silver to Mahmood and bronzes for Banga and 17 year old Oliver Bath.

The girls were then back to the Backstroke, this time the 200m.  The Milton sisters both won their age groups as did 9 year old Lexie O’Connor.  Bronze medals went to 10 year old Codie McSheffrey, 11 year old Charlotte Day, Hagan and Moule.

200m Butterfly produced a gold rush for the boys.  Golds went to Mahmood, McCarthy, Gencas and Eguakhide with a silver medal going to 14 year old Aidan Fernandes. For the girls, Kilby then took her 3rd gold of the day in the 50m Butterfly, as did Emily Milton.

Team mates Mahmood and Jarrett took gold and silver respectively in the 50m Backstroke. Gencas claimed yet another gold medal, whilst training mates Banga and Wilson both picked up a silver.  The event was made even more exciting by having the reigning 50m Backstroke World Champion Liam Tancock in the stadium!

The 100m Breaststroke produced a bronze for Le May and 12 year old Samara Hamilton, whilst Hagan claimed a silver.  The boys had the 100m Butterfly with the gold rush continuing for Mahmood and Gencas.  9 year old Oliver Smith collected silver, along with 13 year old Joseph Frost and Eguakhide.  Banga claimed bronze.

Session 1 concluded with the girls’ 200m Breaststroke.  Golds came for McSheffrey, 14 year old Isabelle Jopson and O’Connor.  10 year old Michelle Vassileva and 12 year old Emilia Jopson both picked up bronze medals.

Session 2 started with the boys’ 200IM where Town had silver medals aplenty!  Smith, Mahmood, McCarthy and Banga all finished in 2nd place.

The 200m Freestyle saw Morter claim a gold medal for her effort.  Golds also went to the Milton sisters and Miss Moule.  Slipaityte took silver and McSheffrey and Le May claimed bronzes.

Gencas continued to dominate his age group, this time claiming gold in the splash and dash that is the 50m Freestyle. Mahmood and Eguakhide collected silvers and Banga a bronze.

The girls’ 50m Breaststroke showed Town’s strength.  O’Connor and Emily Milton took golds, Hamilton, Hagan and 10 year old Alex Giles claimed silvers with bronze medals going to Slipaityte and 16 year old Jess Ayling.

100m Backstroke for the boys gave Smith a bronze and Gencas another gold.

The girls’ 100m Freestyle again showed the talent of Town’s girls.  Kilby, Le May, Jopson and Georgia Milton all took golds.  O’Connor, 11 year old Olivia Humphrey and Moule claimed silvers and bronze medals went to McSheffrey and Dreleva.

200m Backstroke continued to showcase the dominance of Gencas where he collected yet another gold medal. Silvers went to Mahmood and Banga with  bronze for Frost.

The 200m Butterfly for the girls produced more golds for Kilby, McSheffrey and Georgia Milton as well as 14 year old Jayne Gimbird.  10 year old Michelle Vassileva and 11 year old Tierney Rooney picked up a silver medal apiece.

The boys’ 50m Butterfy gave Gencas gold, McCarthy and Eguakhide silver and bronzes to Mahmood and 15 year old Vaughn Dooley, whilst the girls’ 50m Backstroke gave Moule a gold, Dreleva a silver and Gimbird a bronze still under the watchful eye of Liam Tancock.

The penultimate boys’ race was the 100m Breaststroke with silvers going to Jarrett and Banga and a bronze to 15 year old Vaughn Dooley.  The girls had the 100m Butterfly as their final race.  O’Connor, Georgia Milton and 11 year old Millie Hosler all claimed golds.  Giles and Morter collected silvers and Emilia Jopson a bronze.

And finally the last event – the boys’ 200m Breaststroke brought the gala to a close.  11 year old Danny Moody claimed a gold medal along with McCarthy.  Silvers went to Jarrett and Banga with bronzes going to Gencas and 10 year old Daniel Berry.

Head Coach Gary Rogers was happy with the success of the day and pleased with the results produced by Town saying “It is great to see the younger RTSC swimmers perform well at this prestigious venue.  It is a superb way to finish off their season of competition and a great platform for my more senior swimmers heading to Sheffield soon for the National Swimming Championships.”



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