RTSC County Qualifier at LAC_Results & Gala report

RTSC County Qualifier at LAC

Click HERE  for RTSC County Qualifier results.


A bright and early warm up at the LAC was the first sign of Town’s determination.  The boys started off the racing in the 200IM with gold medals for …..

10 year old Raheel Mahmood, 14 year old Daniel Gencas and 16 year old Joe Groves.  14 year old Nathan Banga picked up a silver in his age group.

The girls took to the start blocks next with the 200m Freestyle.  A glorious 1,2,3 finish came courtesy of the 9 year old girls comprising Aida Morter, Charlotte Marshall-Childs and Rebecca Coogan.  10 year old Ella Kilby and 12 year old Ruby Le May picked up silvers, before the 14 year old girls claimed gold from Amelia Moule and bronze from Jayne Gimbird.

The boys 50m Freestyle yielded another gold for Mahmood, silver for Gencas and bronze for Banga.  Martin Lane, RTSC Masters swimmer, picked up the gold in the 15+ age group.

50m Breaststroke gave the girls another chance to shine; 9 year old Lexie O’Connor claimed gold along with 12 year old Samara Hamilton and 13 year old Holly Hagan.  10 year old Codie McSheffrey picked up silver as did 12 year old Laura Hipperson.  Madeleine McCormack secured bronze in the 15+ age group.

Double gold came in the boys’ 100m Backstroke from Gencas and 15 year old Jude Ward, before the girls dominated in the 100m Butterfly.  O’Connor took another gold and Morter the silver; Kilby claimed another silver and 11 year old Tierney Rooney a bronze.  12 year old Ruby Guynan took gold with Hamilton in bronze medal place whilst 13 year old Olivia Witton claimed silver and Moule gold.

The boys 50m Butterfly produced Mahmood a hat trick of golds, whilst Gencas settled for the silver.  The girls’ 50m Backstroke produced silver for O’Connor, bronze for 12 year old Charlotte Day, gold for Moule and bronze for Gimbird.

100m Breaststroke produced 3 more medals for RTSC’s boys: 10 year old Lewis Jarrett a silver and team mates Gencas and Banga silver and bronze respectively.

Session 1 was wrapped up by the girls with the 100m Freestyle.  Morter medalled again, this time the gold medal finish, Le May claimed bronze, Moule gold number 4 and Gimbird a silver.

200IM started Session 2 off with a bang; a lovely 1,2,3 finish again for the 9 year old girls, this time courtesy of O’Connor, Morter and Coogan.  Le May claimed silver and Guynan the bronze for the 12 year olds, Moule gold and Amber Mason silver for the 14 year olds and Amy Marren picked up silver in the 15+ category.

The boys shone to claim two 1,2,3 finishes in the 200m Freestyle.  14 year old trio of Gencas, Banga and Joshua Eguakhide followed by Oliver Bath, Ward and Groves for the 15+ age group.  Mahmood collected bronze.

4 more medals for the girls via the 50m Freestyle.  Gold number 4 for O’Connor, gold for 12 year old Victoria Dreleva and gold number 6 for Moule!  Gimbird collected another silver.

3 silvers from the boys 50m Breaststroke from Jarrett, Gencas and Lane, before the girls produced 3 golds in the 100m Backstroke from Coogan, Dreleva and Moule,  whilst Mason claimed silver.  And then double gold from the 100m fly for the boys from Mahmood and Gencas.

The girls’ 50m Butterfly produced silver for Morter, gold for Dreleva, bronze for Hipperson and silver for Moule.  The boys took 5 medals in the 50m Backstroke; bronze delight for the Jarrett brothers, Connor in the 9 year age group and big brother Lewis in the 10 year age group.  Mahmood picked up another gold, as did Gencas,  as Ward claimed silver.

The penultimate race of the day was the girls’ 100m Breaststroke.  O’Connor finished her day gloriously with another gold medal finish.  Hamilton claimed gold and Hipperson a bronze for the 12 year olds.  Hagan claimed her 2nd gold before Moule made it 7 golds from 8 races.  Mason and McCormack picked up a silver medal each.

And finally, the boys 100m Freestyle finished off the competition with medals again for training mates Gencas (gold) and Banga (bronze) and Bath claiming silver in the 15 + category.

All 3 of RTSC’s coaches were supporting Town’s swimmers from all 4 squads.  Head Coach Gary Rogers said “It has been great to see some of the young talent coming through from our lower squads, many swimming long course for the first time today.  We are continuing to train hard in preparation for our last gala of 2017, before we head into the excitement of the Essex County Championships in January.”

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