NUEL National Qualifier 2018

NUEL National Qualifier 2018


Click HERE  for NUEL National Qualifier results.


A busy weekend for RTSC with the National Qualifier at the LAC and the Regional Qualifier at Thurrock Swimming Club.  Head Coach Gary Rogers was with the senior swimmers at the LAC with a full weekend of swimming.  The day started with the boys’ 100m Freestyle where…. Connor McCarthy placed 14th in 1.07.89 in the 13 year age group and the 15 year old trio of Daniel Gencas, Nathan Banga and Joshua Eguakhide finished 2nd, 7th and 16th – Gencas in 55.91, Banga in 58.89 and Eguakhide in 1.02.00.

Next came the girls’ 50m Freestyle where Codie McSheffrey (11) finished 6th in 34.38, Victoria Dreleva claimed silver in an impressive 28.98 in the 13 year age group, Holly Hagan (14) finished 12th in 30.21, Amelia Moule (15) took gold in 27.92 and Jess Ayling finished 7th in 28.66.  3 Town boys swam the 50m Butterfly – McCarthy finished 13th in 33.81, Gencas claimed bronze in 28.22 and Eguakhide 8th in 29.53.

McSheffrey just missed out on a medal in the 200m Breaststroke finishing 4th in 3.27.25.  Hagan took the bronze and a new PB of 2.57.20.  The boys’ 200IM saw McCarthy finish 7th in 2.41.12.  Gencas, Banga and Eguakhide finished 3rd, 5th and 13th – Gencas in a strong PB of 2.19.82, Banga in 2.29.96 and Eguakhide in 2.43.20.

Session 2 kicked off with the 200 Butterfly with McCarthy in 7th in 2046.51 and Gencas taking another bronze medal in 2.26.53.  The girls’ 200m Freestyle had plenty of Town representation:  McSheffrey 10th in 2.59.88, Dreleva 8th in 2.26.34, Hagan 8th in 2.20.82, Agne Slipaityte (16) 18th in 2.20.54.  Moule, Isabelle Jopson and Jayne Gimbird finished 3rd, 7th and 13th – Moule in 2.14.23, Jopson in 2.16. 64 and Gimbird in 2.24.25.  The 50m Backstroke produced a silver for Gencas in 30.10 with Eguakhide in 12th in 36.10.

The girls finished session 2 with the 50m Breaststroke where McSheffrey claimed a bronze medal for her effort in 43.53.  In the 13 year age group Samara Hamilton came 12th in 41.07 before Dreleva in 20th in 43.55.  Hagan just missed out on a medal in 36.98 as did Jess Ayling in 35.40 also finishing in 4th place.  The 1500m had just 2 Town boys – Gencas produced another great swim in a time of 17.17.40.  Banga couldn’t find his usual form and finished 4th in 18.32.36.

The final session of a very long Day 1 started with the girls 400m Freestyle.  Hagan swam 4.55.93 to finish 6th, Moule picked up the silver in 4.37.26 and Jopson the bronze in 4.46.24.  Slipaityte finished 7th in 4.51.98.  McCarthy finished 9th in the 100m Breaststroke in 1.24.84 and Eguakhide 15th in 1.29.36.  Dreleva took 7th in the 100m Backstroke in 1.14.77 with Moule claiming bronze in 1.10.65.  Gencas took silver in the 200m Backstroke in 2.20.31.  The final event, the girls’ 100m Butterfly was another great swim for Dreleva – 6th place in 1.15.63.  Gimbird claimed 10th in 1.15.33 and Zeina Yacoub in the 17+ category took a silver medal in 1.07.70.

Sunday morning’s early start kicked off with the 400IM – Gencas dipped below the 5 minute mark for the first time long course in a time of 4.58.56 to take silver medal.  Banga took bronze in 5.16.53.  100m Freestyle had plenty of action from Town’s girls – Dreleva claimed a strong bronze in 1.04.57, Hagan came 11th in 1.05.55, Moule took the gold top spot in 1.00.26 with Jopson in 13th place in 1.04.99 and Gimbird 23rd in 1.07.35.  Slipaityte in 1.05.09 finished 15th and Jess Ayling came 7th in 1.01.94.

The boys’ 50m Freestyle was just as impressive: McCarthy swam 30.85 to come 15th, Gencas took silver in 26.04, Eguakhide 15th in 27.69 with Banga in 16th in 27.91.  Robert Moncur came 25th in 28.84 before Jack Ayling produced a great swim in 24.56 to take the gold medal in the 17+ category.

50m Butterfly was next for the girls.  Dreleva had a superb swim in 32.07 to take her first gold medal of the weekend.  Jopson swam 32.59 to finish 13th, Gimbird 33.51 (17th) and Yacoub 4th in 29.75.  McCarthy had a great 200m Breaststroke to claim 10th in 3.03.84 with Gencas finishing 6th om 2.48.25.

Dreleva came 10th in the 200IM in 2.46.06.  Hagan picked up another bronze medal in 2.38.55 and Moule finished 5th in 2.34.26.

Session 5 produced a 5th place finish for Yacoub in 2.40.47.  The boys’ 200m Freestyle gave McCarthy 11th in 2.22.97, Gencas a superb gold in a PB of 2.00.19.  Banga finished 8th in 2.10.70 and Eguakhide 17th in 2.20.04.

Dreleva picked up another medal in the 50m Backstroke in a time of 34.71 to take bronze.  Moule swam 32.44 to take silver with Gimbird in 111th place in 35.26.  The boys’ 50m Breaststroke produced 9th place for McCarthy in 39.40.  Moncur took 19th place in 38.92 and Eguakhide 22nd in 39.03.  The girls’ 800m Freestyle wrapped up session 5 with Jopson claiming silver in 9.49.28 and Lauren Braxton taking 4th place in 10.35.56.  Slipaityte took silver in 9.53.42.

The final session of a very long weekend of competition kicked off with the 400m Freestyle – Gencas was glorious again to take the gold medal in a time of 4.17.37 with Banga finishing in 6ht place in 4.38.22.  Then the girls’ 100m Breaststroke gave Hagan another bronze medal in a time if 1.21.54.  Jess Ayling also finished in bronze medal place in 1.17.20.

100m Backstroke saw Gencas swim 1.05.03 to take the silver medal.  Banga swam 1.11.89 to finish 6th, Moncur 8th in 1.15.35 and Eguakhide 9th in 1.17.57.  The girls’ final swim of the meet was the 200m Backstroke where Dreleva finished in 6th place in 2.40.07, Hagan in 5th place in 2.40.81 and Moule with the gold medal in 2.30.66.

And finally, the boys wrapped things up with the 100m Butterfly where McCarthy produced 1.16.68 to finish in 7th place, Gencas secured 5th in 1.04.06 and Eguakhide 9th in 1.07.09.  Gencas’ success was celebrated when he was awarded the ‘Top Boy’ award.

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