Thurrock Regional Qualifier 2018_Results & Gala report

Thurrock Regional Qualifier 2018


Click HERE for Thurrock Regional Qualifier results.


Over at Blackshots Leisure Centre, Assistant Head Coach Wotjek had just as busy a weekend with those swimmers seeking Regional qualification times.  The 400m Freestyle started things off with….

Raheel Mahmood taking silver in 5.15.37 and Oliver Smith finishing 6th in 6.01.60 in the combined 10/11 age group.  The girls’ 10/11 200m Backstroke gave Lexie O’Connor 8th in 2.51.83, Ella Kilby 10th in 2.52.98 and Tierney Rooney 13th in 2.56.45.  Charlotte Day came 6th in 2.52.35 in the 12/13 age group.

50m Freestyle saw Denis Drelev finish 8th in 33.58 with Lewis Jarrett 1/100th behind him in 9th place.  Oliver Smith finished 28th in 38.14.  The 14+ category saw Vaughn Dooley in 6th place in 26.01 and Aidan Fernandes 18th in 31.53.  The girls’ performed well in the 100m Butterfly: Rooney took bronze in 1.12.61, Kilby 8th in 1.27.19, O’Connor 11th in 1.28.93 and Michelle Vassileva 14th in 1.44.80.  In the 12/13 category Emilia Jopson claimed bronze in 1.17.94 with Nicole Vassileva taking 9th in 1.37.31.

Next came the boys’ 50m Backstroke: Jarrett finished 4th in 37.54, Drelev 14th in 41.31 and Smith 22nd in 43.41.  Dooley swam 32.01 to finish 4th and Kevin Peter swam 58.79, both in the 14+ category.  The 200m Breaststroke had 4 Town swimmers – Nicole Vassileva finished 8th in 3.27.62, Madeleine McCormack finished 4th in 3.06.29, Mahmood finished 4th in 3.27.15 and Aidan Fernandes finished with the bronze medal in 3.14.76.

200IM had lots of representation.  O’Connor finished 10th in 2.56.45, Michelle Vassileva 23rd in 3.18.57, big sister Nicole 10th in 3.03.20 and McCormack 6th in 2.47.92.  For the boys Mahmood took silver in 2.48.71, Jarrett 4th in 2.51.93 and Smith 18th in 3.24.51.  The girls’ 50m Butterly gave 9 year old Elizabeth Frost a 9th place finish in 53.62, Sophia Moule (11) 12th place in 38.80, Kilby 13th place in 38.97, Jopson the bronze in 34.04 and McCormack another 4th place in 34.20.

Jarrett came 4th in the 100m Backstroke in 1.20.45 with Smith in 18th place in 1.33.12.  In the 14+ category, Joseph Frost came 6th in 1.08.64, Dooley 7th in 1.12.42 and Fernandes 9th in 1.16.70.  The Vassileva girls swam in the 200m Freestyle with Michelle swimming 2.52.93 and finishing 18th with Nicole in 12th in 2.43.41.  The boys’ 50m Breaststroke gave Jarrett gold in 42.14, Fernandes 5th in 40.66 and Frost 6th in 40.96.  The Vassileva sisters finished off in the 200m Butterfly: 7th for Michelle in 4.01.18 and a silver medal for Nicole in3.37.12.

Sunday’s session commenced with the 400m Freestyle.  Codie McSheffrey finished 13th in 10/11 category in 6.03.96.  In the 12/13 age group Ruby Le May placed 9th in 5.15.44, Olivia Humphrey 10th in 5.33.05, Nicole Vassileva 11th in 5.38.69 and Cosntance Kennedy 15th in 6.32.42.  200m Backstroke was a strong event for Town: gold for Mahmood in 2.42.87, 4th for Jarrett in 2.45.87, Dillon Brecht came 10th in 3.06.93 and Smith 11th in 3.11.71.  The 14+ boys gave bronze to Frost (2.27.24), Dooley 6th (2.36.97) and 7th to Fernandes (2.45.44).

The 50m Freestyle was a busy event: Rebecca Coogan (9) came 5th in 38.33 with Charlotte Marshalls-Child in 12th in 41.55.  The 10/11 age group saw Moule in 10th in 32.85, Rooney in 16th in 33.55, Kilby 17th in 33.77, O’Connor 20th in 34.45 and Aida Morter 39th in 38.63.  The 12/13 girls produced 5th place for Magdalena Yordanova (31.48), Olivia Humphrey 7th (31.56), Le May 9th (32.07), Charlotte Day 11th (32.12), Freya Muratoglu 24th (35.51) and Kennedy 27th (36.44).  Georgia Humphrey finished 10th in 33.60 in the 14+ category.

Session 4 started with the 50m Butterfly with Jarrett in joint 9th in 37.83 and Smith in 23rd in 46.36.  Dooley took the bronze in 29.98 and Fernandes came 9th in 37.69.  The 100m Backstroke gave Coogan 4th place in 1.37.11, before the 10/11 girls had 5 swimmers: Rooney 7th in 1.22.28, O’Connor 11th in 1.23.64, Kilby 12th in 1.23.97, McSheffrey 21st in 1.30.9 and Michelle Vassileva 23rd in 1.32.51.  The 12/13 years produced 7th place for Olivia Humphrey (1.19.81), 9th for Le May (1.22.29), 12th for Nicole Vassileva (1.26.34), 13th for Kennedy (1.32.47).  Olivia Humphrey came 7th in 1.30.02.

200m Freestyle gave bronze to Jarrett in 2.38.90 and 13th to Smith in 2.53.78.  Frost took silver in 2.13.15, Luke Marbey came 4th in 2.18.75, Dooley 5th in 2.24.84 and Fernades 7th in 2.55.90.  The girls’ 50m Breaststroke produced 5th for Coogan in 51.83 and 13th for Elizabeth Frost in 1.00.68.  McSheffrey came 6th in 45.06.  Yordanova in 43.61 (6th), Le May in 45.24 (10th) and Muratoglu in 48.56 (16th).  McCormack took gold in 38.07 and Georgia Humphrey finished 7th in 46.93.  Finally, Mahmood finished the gala with the 200m Butterfly where he claimed a glorious gold in 2.49.86.


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