NUEL Borough Champs & Invitational Meet 2018_Results & Gala report

NUEL Borough Champs & Invitational 2018

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Sunday 3rd June was a bright and sunny day and the sun certainly shone on Town’s young swimmers.  Success was abundant right from the start.  The girls’ 200IM gave gold to 10 year old……

Ella Kilby and silvers to 11 year old Michelle Vassileva, 12 year old Amaya-Rose Denis and 13 year old Magdalena Yordanova.

The splash and dash of the 50m Freestyle saw 8 year old Baris Muratoglu take gold, 10 year old Oliver Smith the bronze, 11 year olds Raheel Mahmood (gold) and Denis Drelev (silver), 13 year old Connor McCarthy go sub 30 seconds for the first time to take the gold and Luke Marney collect gold in the 14 years age group.  The girls also brought home the bling: Lois Smith in her debut gala took gold in the 8 and under category, 10 year old Aida Morter claimed bronze, Millie Hosler (11) silver, Victoria Dreleva (12) the gold along with another gold for Yordanova.

Muratoglu took silver in the 100m Backstroke, with Oliver Smith also taking silver.  Mahmood and Drelev took the gold and silver combination again, 12 year old Danny Moody and McCarthy both picked up silvers, with Marney claiming gold and 15 year old Aidan Fernandes taking bronze in the 15 and over age group.  Lois Smith was making the most of her first gala and picked up the silver medal for her efforts.  Kilby, Hosler and Dreleva all dominated their races and claimed the gold medals in their respective age groups.

50m Butterfly produced golds for Mahmood and McCarthy and silvers for Moody and Marney.  The girls’ event gave Lois Smith another silver, Kilby another gold, Hosler silver, Denis bronze and Yordanova another gold.

Muratoglu took the gold in the 100m Breaststroke, as did Mahmood and McCarthy.  13 year old Christian Cubani picked up the bronze medal.  In their age groups, Lois Smith took the gold medal, Kilby the silver and 13 year old Jasmine Banga the bronze.

The final session of the morning was the boys 200m Freestyle: Muratoglu claimed silver, Mahmood silver and Lewis Jarrett (11) picked up the bronze, McCarthy picked up yet another gold medal with Cubani claiming another bronze medal.  Marney took silver.  15 year old Nathan Banga had spent the morning supporting his team mates, before he claimed the gold medal in his only swim of the day.

Kilby continued her gold rush at the start of Session 2 in the 200m Freestyle, with Morter taking the bronze.  Hosler claimed silver with Codie McSheffrey, also 11, taking the bronze.  Dreleva claimed another gold with Nicole Vassileva in silver medal position.  Yordanova settled for the bronze and 14 year old Lauren Braxton picked up the bronze in her age group too.

50m Breaststroke was another gold medal opportunity for Muratoglu.  Jarrett claimed the gold in his favourite stroke with Mahmood taking silver.  McCarthy picked up another gold medal, as Fernandes claimed the bronze.  Hosler claimed the girls bronze in the 11 year age category with Braxton taking the gold in her age group.

Muratoglu’s 100m Butterfly produced a silver medal finish, whilst Mahmood showed his dominance to take gold, with Jarrett picking up the bronze.  Moody claimed silver, McCarthy gold and Marney another silver medal.  Kilby picked up yet another gold medal whilst the trio of Hosler, McSheffrey and Michelle Vassileva showed their strength to take Town’s only 1,2,3 finish of the day.  Dreleva claimed gold, Nicole Vassileva (12) a silver, Yordanova a gold and Braxton a bronze.

50m Backstroke was gold again for Muratoglu.  10 year old Oliver Smith picked up a silver, before Mahmood claimed another gold and Drelev the bronze.  McCarthy kept amassing his gold medals, as did Marney.  Fernandes claimed silver and Joshua Eguakhide (15) the bronze.

Gold again went to Muratoglu in the 100m Freestyle, Oliver Smith took silver, Mahmood gold, Jarrett bronze, McCarthy gold and Marney silver.  Lois Smith took a silver before Town dominated the 10, 11 and 12 years age groups with gold medal finishes from Kilby, Hosler and Dreleva.  Nicole Vassileva picked up a silver, as did Braxton.

The final race of the day was the 200IM: Muratoglu made his final race count with yet another gold medal for his effort.  Mahmood was glorious with the gold too, as was McCarthy.  Moody and Eguakhide claimed silvers in their respective age groups.

Squad coach Gina Dickson was delighted with the efforts made by Town’s young swimmers saying “What a great day!  There have been many superb swims here today, many from our very youngest swimmers.  It is always rewarding to see hard work paying off.  Keep it up!”

Town’s youngsters are in action again next Sunday at Southbury Leisure Centre.


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