Harlow Regional Qualifier 2019_Results & Gala Report

Harlow Regional Qualifier 2019

Results for this meet can be found at the bottom of this page.

Assistant Head Coach Wojtek Slusarczyk took RTSC’s youngsters to the Harlow meet, many with their eye on Regional Qualifying times.

Session 1 commenced with the 50m Breastrstroke where 9 year old Lois Smith claimed a . . .

Silver medal, 10 year old Rebecca Coogan a gold, 11 year old Charlotte Casey-Sweeney just missed out on a medal in 4th, as did 12 year old Codie McSheffrey.  9 year old Baris Muratoglu finished with a silver medal and 12 year old Mark Rigo claimed a bronze.

Lois Smith just missed a medal in the 50m Backstroke, whilst Coogan claimed herself another gold medal.  10 year old Ruth Eguakhide collected a silver, 11 year old Ella Kilby a bronze, 12 year old Tierney Rooney a silver and Magdalena Yordanova (14) just missed out on a medal in 4th.  Raheel Mahmood (12) picked up a silver.

Coogan made it a hat trick of golds, this time courtesy of the 50m Butterfly.  Eguakhide claimed bronze, Ronney 4th, whilst Yordanova claimed gold.  Mahmood finished with a silver and 17 year old Vaughn Dooley finished 4th in the 15+ category.

Session 2 produced a fine swim for Lexie O’Connor in the 400m Freestyle where she claimed the gold medal.  McSheffrey took silver, Lauren Braxton (16) claimed gold in the 15+ category.  Baris Muratoglu dominated to take his first gold of the day, Oliver Smith claimed a well earned silver and Luke Marney (15) took the gold in the 15+ category.

Lois Smith picked up a silver in the 100m Breaststroke with Eguakhide taking a bronze, Dimana Rachevets 4th place, McSheffrey  a bronze and Michelle Vassileve 4th place.  Baris Muratoglu claimed silver, 10 year old Alexander Ivanov claimed a glorious gold, as did Rigo and Connor McCarthy (13).  Lewis Jarret collected silver and Cristian Cubani (13) claimed bronze.

The 200m Backstroke gave Michellle Vassileva a silver medal, with Millie Hosler (12) finishing in 4th place.  Constance Kennedy (13) claimed a silver.  Oliver Smith picked up a silver, Mahmood a gold and Rigo a bronze.  McCarthy claimed gold as did Marney.

Eguakhide picked up a bronze in the 200IM, O’Connor a silver and Michelle Vassileva a bronze.  Yordanova took silver.  Mahmood claimed a bronze for the boys.

Michelle Vassileva medalled again, this time a gold in the 200m Butterfly.  Rooney, Braxton and Mahmood all joined in the gold rush to take wining spots in their respective age groups.

Lois Smith claimed a gold in the 50m Freestyle with Daisy Beenham (9) taking silver.  Baris Muratoglu took silver, Rigo gold and Dooley bronze.

The final session of the competition commenced with the 400IM.  Mahmood took gold with Lewis Jarrett claiming silver.

Baris Muratoglu claimed a gold in the 100m Backstroke, Mahommod a gold and Rigo a silver. Marney claimed a bronze.  Eguakhide took bronze, as did O’Connor.  Kennedy just missed out on a medal, finishing in 4th place.

Connor Jarrett also just missed out on a medal, finishing in 4th place in the 200m Freestyle.  Mahmood took gold, Rigo silver.  Marney claimed another gold.  Lois Smith picked up another gold for her effort as did O’Connor.  Michelle Vassileva took a silver and Sophia Moule (12) claimed bronze.

The 100m Butterfly produced another gold medal for Baris Muratoglu and a gold medal for Alexander Ivanov.  Oliver Smith collected a bornze.  Nicole Vassileva finished just off the medals in 4th place.

The penultimate event was the 200m Breaststroke where Lewis Jarrett took silver and Rigo the bronze.  Nicole Vassileva claimed asilver with Freya Muratoglu taking the bronze.

Baris Muratoglu went out on a win, taking gold in the final event of the day – the 100m Freestyle.  Rigo claimed bronze.  Lois Smith claimed another gold to add to her haul, whilst Beenham picked up a bronze.  Eguakhide took the silver medal to wrap up her successful weekend.

Slusarczyk said  “I was pleased to see swimmers enjoying and winning their heats and medals, but more importantly, almost every swimmer achieved personal bests; high attendance and commitment to training has finally started to pay off.  Swimmers are recognising that with the right attitude and focus, they can all improve.  I look forward to an even more productive and successful Spring season.”



Click HERE for Session 1 Results.

Click HERE for Session 2 Results.

Click HERE for Session 3 Results.

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