Essex County Champs 2018-BLOCK C_Results & Gala report

Essex County Champs 2018 – Block C

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The last Block of Essex started with Session 7 and the boys’ 12/14 400IM – a swim certainly not designed for the faint hearted!  Lewis Jarrett and Connor McCarthy both represented RTSC in this challenging swim.  Jarrett ……

swam in the 12 year age group and produced a nice PB to finish in 5th place.  McCarthy (13 year age group) swam a strong race to produce a fine PB too and finished in 7th place.

Ella Kilby and Lexie O’Connor both produced gutsy swims in the 10/11 400m Freestyle.  O’Connor was ahead of Kilby from the start, but she mis-counted her lengths and paused after 6 lengths; she realised her error and continued, but having lost valuable seconds she finished in 8th place.  Kilby got her counting right and gained the advantage over O’Connor to take 6th place.

The 15 and over 400IM produced great swims from both Daniel Gencas and training mate Nathan Banga, both in the 15 age group.  Gencas’ golden streak continued to flow as he produced a good PB to take the gold medal.  Banga’s legs didn’t quite have enough in the last 50m and he had to settle for the bronze medal.

The last of the day’s distance swims was the girls’ 15 and over 400m Freestyle where Town’s girls did what they do best:  15 year olds Amelia Moule and Issy Jopson swam strong races to collect the silver and bronze respectively.  Agne Slipityte took 5th place in the 16 years age group and in the 17 years age group Jess Ayling picked up the bronze medal, whilst in the 18 years age group the dedicated Georgia Milton claimed the gold medal for her sterling efforts.

The 10/14 100m Breaststroke produced some good results for Town’s youngsters.  Raheel Mahmood (10/11) made the final and finished in 7th.  Jarrett had a good heat and secured a place in the final where he secured an unexpected silver medal in 1.31.52; the delight on his face shone almost as brightly as his medal, as he claimed his first ever individual county medal.  McCarthy swam a strong heat to also claim a place in the final where he shaved even more time off his PB in a time of 1.22.86.  Unfortunately, he missed out on a podium finish, but it was a superb swim to finish 4th and should give him great confidence as he beat many of his rivals for the first time.

The boys 100m Backstroke final was exciting – Gencas went into the final in 1st place by just 27/100ths of a second; his rivals were keen to take gold from him, but Gencas proved what an all round champion he is by producing an incredible swim to finish 2 seconds ahead of the competition in a time of 1.04.33 with yet another gold medal for his collection.

Both Moule and Jopson made the girls’ 100m Freestyle final.  Moule was determined from the start, having just missed out on the gold in the 400m Freestyle by 5/100ths, she paced her race beautifully.  With 10m to go, she stepped it up a gear to secure a superb win over her competition in 1.00.38.  Jopson produced a PB to finish in 1.04.57, just missing out on a medal in 4th place.  Milton finished 5th in her age group.

The boys’ 11/12 medley relay comprised Oliver Smith, Jarrett, Mahmood  and Denis Drelev where they finished in 8th place with the girls’ 11/12 freestyle relay team of  Kilby, O’Connor, Tierney Rooney and Sophia Moule finishing in 12th place.

Sunday morning commenced with the girls’ 200IM.  Moule produced a great swim in 2.31.50 to take the gold medal position.  Amber Mason finished in 7th place in the same age group.  In the 18+ category RTSC’s Master’s swimmer Michelle Curry took the bronze medal in 2.33.5, just ahead of Milton in 4th place.

Two of Town’s younger girls made the finals of the 100m Butterfly – Kilby finished 6th in 1.25.50 and Tierney Rooney finished 8th in the 12 years age group in 1.21.06.  In the boys’ 200m Freestyle Mahmood finished in 8th place in 2.39.49.

O’Connor and Kilby made the top 8 again in the 200m Backstroke.  O’Connor was just 13/100ths off bronze, finishing 4th in 2.55.59.  Kilby finished 7th in 2.59.56.  Moule claimed yet another glorious gold medal where she finished 3 seconds clear of the rest of the competition in 2.26.03.  Mason didn’t quite have enough to take the silver behind her, but she swam a super race to take the bronze medal in 2.29.81.  Milton and Curry traded places to finish in 4th and 5th places respectively.

The girls’ 200m Butterfly saw Jopson finish 5th and Jayne Gimbird 7th.  Milton collected herself yet another medal – a silver.

If at any time the 15 year old boys thought they stood a chance of taking the top spot from Gencas, this was it – he went into the final 3rd, but smashed his heat time to 1.01.55 to claim the gold medal position yet again!

The girls’ 15+ Medley team comprising Georgia Milton, Emily Milton, Amelia Moule and Jess Ayling swam 2.07.03, which meant they just missed out on a medal to finish in 4th place.  The Boys’ 10-14 Freestyle relay team of McCarthy, Mahmood, Jarett and Tyrese Thompson finished in 22nd place in 2.11.24.

The final session of this year’s Championships started with the boys’ 200IM.  Mahmood picked himself up another medal finishing with bronze, whilst Jarrett finished in 7th place in his age group.

Golden Gencas finished his champs with his 13th gold medal, with a time of 2.02.55 in the 200m Freestyle.  O’Connor finished in an agonising 4th place again – this time just 2/100ths off the bronze medal.  Holly Hagan (14) also just missed out on the bronze by 36/100ths in a time of 2.59.86, but was pleased to have broken the 3minute threshold.

Mahmood medalled again: silver in the 200m Butterfly.  His main competition kept him off of the top spot again, which meant he finished 2nd overall in his age group.  A fantastic achievement.  McCarthy finished 8th in his 200 Fly.

Moule finished in 1.19.08 with a bronze medal in the 100m Breaststroke, sealing her top spot position in the 15 years age group.  Massive congratulations Amelia.

O’Connor finished off her competition with 6th place in the 100m Backstroke, with Victoria Dreleva finishing in 7th place in the 13 years category.

The comps wrapped up with the exciting 200m relays.  Fist was the boys 4x50m Freestyle team of Jack Ayling, Gencas, Banga and Master’s swimmer Martin Lane formed the quartet for RTSC where the secured an unexpected bronze medal in a time of 1.42.66.  Finally, the girls’ 10/14 Medley Relay team comprising Charlotte Day, Emilia Jopson, Hagan and Ruby Le May finished in 8th place in a time of 2.19.07.  Town’s B Team – Kilby, O’Connor, Rooney and Sophia Moule finished in 2.37.66 in 30th place.

Head Coach Gary Rogers summed of 3 weekend’s competition by saying that “There have been some fantastic performances by many of Town’s swimmers over the last few weeks.  A special mention must be made of Daniel Gencas who has produced some seriously impressive times in many of his events, finishing ahead of the competition in the age group above as well.  Amelia Moule has also had some superb swims and is a worthy age group winner.  County Championships is just the start of the 2018 competition schedule with our focus on Regionals and Nationals moving forward.  A commitment to training and hard work pays off, so we will continue to strive to be the best that we can be.”

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