Essex Senior Winter Champs 2018_Results & Gala report

Essex Senior Winter Champs 2018

Click HERE for Essex Winters results.


Basildon Sporting Village was the venue for this high level competition for swimmers over the age of 12.  With medals only available to the top 3 swimmers in each event, glory was hard to come by.  Many of Town’s swimmers produced some good swims and PBs demonstrating a strong start at the beginning of the season.

The boys 400m Freestyle started off the competition 15 year old. . . . . . .

Daniel Gencas claimed silver in 4.10.59; 15 year old Nathan Banga came 5th in 4.20.27; 14 year old Luke Marney finished 16th in 4.36.11 and 13 year old Connor McCarthy in 4.39.22.

50m Breaststroke brought glory for Town’s Masters swimmer David Ebanks taking the gold medal in 29.65.  Banga swam 34.68 finishing 28th; Joshua Eguakhide (15) finished 52nd in 38.68; McCarthy 55th in 39.07; Robert Moncur (15) 57th in 39.47; Vaughn Dooley (16) 64th in 40.94 and Lewis Jarrett (12) in 41.86 finishing 67th.

Amelia Moule (15) finished 8th in the 50m Backstroke heat in 31.13 and went onto improve her time and place in the final, finishing 5th in 30.48.  Victoria Dreleva (13) finished 22nd in 32.86 and Amber Mason (15) finished 23rd in 32.88.

Gencas finished 5th in the 200 Fly in 2.20.68, before Moule claimed bronze in the 200m Free in 2.08.62.  Isabelle Jopson (15) came 10th in 2.12.71, Holly Hagan (14) 12th in 2.14.90, Dreleva 27th in 2.19.52, Mason 35th in 2.20.86 and Lauren Braxton (15) 36th in 2.21.03.

The boys 100m Backstroke saw 16 year old Aaron Wilson finish 6th in 1.02.52 and Gencas 1.03.35 in the heat.  In the final Gencas took 5th place in 1.01.76 with Wilson finishing in 7th, just off of his heat time.  Marney swam 1.09.85 (25th), Dooley 1.10.72 (27th), Moncur 1.12.63 (35th) and Eguakhide 1.14.42(41st).

Jess Ayling (17) made the 100m Breaststroke in 7th place in 1.15.63, going onto finish 5th in the final in a much improved time of 1.14.48.  Hagan finished in 1.17.63 (10th) and 13 year old Magdalena Yordanova finished in 1.29.92 (59th).

Moule and Braxton both swam PBs in the 800 Free: Moule 9.13.98 (4th) and Braxton 10.04.74 (7th).

The splash and dash of the 50m Freestyle had 6 Town boys competing: Wilson 25.31 (9th); Gencas 25.48 (12th); Dooley 26.29 (22nd); Eguakhide 26.58 (30th); Moncur 27.30 (44th) and McCarthy 29.01 (71st).

The girls had the 9 swimmers in the 50m Butterfly.  18 year old Zeina Yacoub finished 3rd in the heat in 29.67 and then improved in the final in a time of 29.51 to take the bronze medal.  Jopson swam 32.23 (24th); Georgia Marren (16) swam 32.74 (33rd); Mason 32.86 (36th); Dreleva 32.92 (38th); Emilia Jopson (13) swam 33.7 (52nd); Yordanova 34.02 (90th) and Rooney 35.52 (91st).

200Im produced 5th place for Gencas in a time of 2.16.64.  Banga placed 18th in 2.26.88, McCarthy 25th in 2.32.56 and Moncur 32nd in 2.42.31.

Yacoub finished 5th  (59.45) and Moule 7th (59.81) in the 100m Freestyle heats. Moule maintained her 7th place finish in the final.  Hagan placed 17th in 1.03.01, Jopson 18th in 1.03.12, Dreleva 25th in 1.04.35, Georgia Marren 54th in 1.06.84, Yordanova 58th in 1.07.01, Amy Marren 59th in 1.07.04 and Braxton 75th in 1.08.09.

100m Butterfly gave Gencas 7th I.01.50 in the heat, significantly improving in the final to finish 4th in 1.00.75.  Eguakhide 1.08.04 (24th), Dooley 1.08.67 (27th), Banga 1.10.65 (34th) and McCarthy 1.11.48 (39th).

200m Backstroke saw Moule swim 2.25.26 to finish 4th, Mason 2.26.69 to finish 8th and Dreleva 2.30.14 to finish 13th.  100IM gave Hagan 6th in 1.11.81 and Mason 12th in 1.13.62.

Moule claimed the bronze in the 400m Freestyle in 4.31.39, Issy Jopson5th (4.38.85), Hagan 6th (4.41.65), Braxton 17th (4.53.52) and Dreleva 21st (4.55.25).  Gencas picked up the bronze in the 400IM in 4.45.94.  McCarthy finished 10th in 5.18.14.

50m Breaststroke saw Jess Ayling finish 6th in 34.83, improving on her time and place in the final: bronze medal in 34.52.  Hagan came 11th in 35.7, Madeleine McCormack (16) came 32nd in 38.87 and Dreleva finished 64th in 40.56.

The boys’ 50m Backstroke had Wilson place 7th in the heat in 28.36 and Gencas 8th in 28.57.  Gencas managed to pull something out of the bag in the final to finish 5th in 28.46, whilst Wilson placed 8th, just off his heat time.  Dooley swam 30.8 (22nd); Frost 32.41 (30th); Moncur 32.7 (32nd); Eguakhide 33.41 (42nd); Fernandes 33.7 (45th) and Marney 33.76 (46th).

200m Butterfly produced 2.48.24 for Braxton finishing 19th and 12 year old Tierney Rooney finishing 22nd in 2.49.63.  The boys’ 200m Freestyle had plenty of Town boys in the pool: 4th for Gencas (1.57.46); 7th for Banga (2.02.24); 22nd for Eguakhide (2.12.18); 23rd for Frost (2.12.58); 24th for Marney (2.12.70); 29th for McCarthy (2.15.19) and 39th for Dooley (2.23.5).

Moule claimed 10th place in the 100m Backstroke in 1.08.25.  Mason came 15th (1.09.55); Dreleva 25th (1.11.71); Amy Marren 36th (1.13.69) and Georgia Marren 39th.  100m Breaststroke gave Fernandes 37th in 1.23.98 and McCarthy 38th in 1.24.04.

The boys finished off Session 3 with the 1500m Freestyle.  Gencas claimed a glorious silver in 16.33.21 with a superb final 50m finish.  Banga claimed bronze in a PB of 17.00.94.

50m Freestyle had 9 Town girls swimming: Moule finished 7th in the heat in 27.6 and then 7th in the final in 27.61.  Ayling came 17th (28.56); Dreleva 25th (29.09); Hagan 38th (29.65); Mason 59th (30.14); Yordanova 64th (30.38); Amy Marren 86th (31.03); Georgia Marren 89th (31.12) and Braxton 93rd (31.36).

The boys’ 50m Butterfly saw Gencas continue to pull out all the stops: 6th in the heat in 27.52 to finish an impressive 4th in the final in a slightly slower time.  Dooley finished 27th (29.61); Eguakhide 29th (29.69); Frist 35th (30.28); Moncur 55th (32.98) and Fernandes 59th (33.57).

200Im gave Moule a glorious gold mdal in 2.25.43.  Hagan finished in 2.31.05 (6th); Dreleva 2.36.82 (15th); Mason 2.38.04 (17th); Amy Marren 2.38.77 (19th) and Yordanova 2.52.51 (42nd).

Gencas made the final of the 100m Freestyle going in 8th place in 55.13.  He improved his finish to 6th, although slightly slower than his heat time.  Wilson finished 10th (56.02); Dooley 31st (1.00.01); Frost 35th (1.00.77); Eguakhide 37th (1.00.84); McCarthy 43rd (1.02.9); Moncur 44th (1.02.93); Marney 49th (1.03.53) and Fernandes 63rd (1.06.14).

Georgia Marren finished 20th in 1.12.28 in the 100m Butterfly; Amy Marren 24th in 1.13.46; Dreleva 30th in 1.15.11 and Rooney 38th in 1.16.96.

Digging deep, Gencas finished 5th in the 200m Backstroke in 2.14.57.  Frist finished 14th in 2.27.23; Marney 17th in 2.28.94 and Fernades 20th in 2.38.67.

Moule produced a PB in the 200m Breaststroke of 2.47.60 to finish 8th, with Hagan just behind in 9th in a time of 2.49.74.  McCormack finished 39th in 3.07.56 and Yordanova 46th in 3.14.84.

A long weekend was finished off with the boys 100IM.  Eguakhide finished 13th in 1.11.26; Frost 14th in 1.11.7; McCarthy 16th in 1.12.13; Fernandes 18th in 1.13.09; Moncur 22nd in 1.15.1 and Jarrett 30th in 1.20.36.

Head Coach Gary Rogers was pleased with the weekend’s swimming “This weekend has demonstrated the strengths of my swimmers at this early stage of the season.  It also provides a good platform to build on in advance of London Winters in a few weeks time, where I expect to see further improvements.”

No pain, no gain ….



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