NUEL & RTSC Long Distance Meet 2018

NUEL & RTSC Long Distance Meet 2018

Click HERE  for Long distance meet results.


Friday night at East Ham Leisure Centre was the event for the strong minded: the gruelling 1500m Freestyle.  11 year old Raheel Mahmood made his debut at the distance and produced……

a great time of 19.55.92 to secure him his Essex County qualification time and a 1st place finish.  Oliver Smith (11) also swam the event for the first time with his 60 lengths completed in 23.01.22, finishing in 4th place.  Connor McCarthy (13) produced a superb PB, shaving off over 1 minute to finish 1st in a time of 17.51.72.  Christian Cubani (13) finished in 3rd place in 23.31.92.  14 year old Luke Marney claimed 1st place in 18.13.98, whilst the 15 year olds and over claimed 1st, 3rd and 4th between them: Nathan Banga in 17.13.75; Joseph Frost in 18.51.48 and Aidan Fernandes in 21.19.65.  Isabelle Jopson (15) was the only Town girl to take on the event, swimming the distance for the first time.  And what a swim it was.  Issy took 1st place in a time of 18.02.85.

Sunday gave both the boys and girls a chance to swim the 800m Freestyle.  10 year olds Connor Jarrett and Alexander Ivanov both swam the event for the first time.  Jarrett finished 2nd in 13.29.75 and Ivanov 3rd in 13.52.73.  Mahmood produced another strong swim to take 1st place in a time of 10.30.66, securing another County qualifying time.  Lewis Jarrett (12) debuted to finish 2nd in 10.44.20, Denis Drelev (12) finished 4th in 11.15.10 and Luke James (12) finished 6th in 13.31.43.  McCarthy took another 1st place finish in a time of 9.25.14 with Cubani finishing 3rd in 12.28.98.  Marney also claimed the 1st place finish in 9.27.82, with Lukas Birmantis finishing 5th in 12.41.82.  Training mates Daniel Gencas (15) and Banga had even splits for the first 700m, with Gencas pulling away in the last 100m to finish 1st in 8.42.48 and Banga 2nd in 8.48.67.

The girls turned out in force for their event, with many of the younger swimmers taking on the 800m for the first time.  10 year old Rebecca Coogan finished 1st in 12.11.53.  Lexie O’Connor, Ella Kilby, Codie McSheffrey and Aida Morter made it a Town 1,2,3,4 finish for the 11 year old girls.  O’Connor swam 10.48.80; Kilby 11.29.88; McSheffrey 12.04.89 and Morter 12.47.78.  The 12 year old girls had a 1,2,3 finish courtesy of Tierney Rooney in 11.19.62, Millie Hosler in 11.37.77 and Constance Kennedy in 12.27.69.  Victoria Dreleva (13) swam 9.58.03 to finish 1st with Emilia Jopson finishing 2nd in 10.20.26.  Holly Hagan (14) finished 1st in 9.46.27.  The 15+ girls gave Lauren Braxton (15) 1st place in 10.06.24 and Maddie McCormack (16) 2nd place in 11.15.77.



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