Essex County Champs 2019_Results & Gala Report

Essex County Championships 2019


Results from this years county champs can be found at the bottom of this post.


Below: Left, RTSC finalists & Medallists.  Centre, Amelia Moule (Top Girl).  Right, Daniel Gencas (Absent for main photo)


The annual County Championships is the highlight of many young swimmers’ year. Qualification isn’t easy and RTSC is proud of every swimmer that reached this year’s competition. For those of you that didn’t, keep working hard, listen to your coaches and put in the sessions; next year we’ll be reading about your County Champs success too. In the meantime, let’s celebrate the……

success of this year’s finalists, recognising that many other Town swimmers competed at this prestigious event.
The first Block of the competition commenced with the 1500m Freestyle where Town celebrated many success: Raheel Mahmood (13) came 4th in 19.36.96; Connor McCarthy (14) claimed silver in 17.41.42; Luke Marney (15) finished 5th in 17.54.82; Daniel Gencas and Nathan Banga (16) claimed silver and bronze between them, Dan in a superb PB of 16.00.34 and Nathan in 17.04.55; Amelia Moule and Issy Jopson (16) took gold and bronze between them, Amelia in 17.14.29 and Issy in 18.01.44.
400IM isn’t for everyone but Lexie O’Connor (12) and Moule both did Town proud. Lexie finished 8th and Amelia claimed gold in 5.03.93.
The boys’ 100m Backstroke produced 3 finalists: Mahmood took gold in 1.11.68, McCarthy just missed out on a medal in 4th place in 1:05.95 and Gencas secured the top spot in 59.58! The boys’ 200m Freestyle saw Mahmood just miss out on a podium finish, but McCarthy produced a great swim in 2.08.85 to take the silver medal. The 200m Backstroke was glorious for Gencas: gold in 2.10.01 with Joseph Frost (16) finishing in 8th place.
100m Breaststroke proved to be a strong event for Town’s girls. O’Connor just missed out on a medal in 4th, whilst Codie McSheffrey (13) finished 7th. Holly Hagan (15) took gold in 1.14.97, Moule silver in 1.14.86 and Jess Ayling (17+ category) finished just outside the medals in 4th in 1.13.68. O’Connor showed her Breaststroke strength in the 200m event finishing in 7th place.
Gencas settled for the silver in the 200m Butterfly in 2.14.09. Mahmood claimed the top spot in the 200m Backstroke in 2.32.55. IN the 200IM, Hagan’s breaststroke strength served her well where she finished 5th, Moule dominated to take another gold medal, as did Amy Marren (17+) to take gold in the Multi Disciplinary category.
Mahmood produced a fine swim in the 100m Butterfly to add another gold medal to his haul. The 11/12 Medley Relay Team comprising Rebecca Coogan, Sophia Moule, Ella Kilby and Lexie O’Connor finished just off the podium in 4th place in a time of 2.25.78.
Hagan and Moule both claimed silvers in the 200m Breaststroke; Hagan in 2.44.83 and Moule in 2.45.38, whilst Ella Kilby (12) and Tierney Rooney (13) finished in 8th and 6th places respectively in the 200m Butterfly. Gencas took gold in the 200m Freestyle in a time of 1.54.04 with Banga finishing 5th in 2.01.78. Mahmood picked up silver in the 200IM in 2.42.27, McCarthy just missed out on a medal in 4th in 2.27.89. 100m Butterfly final gave Gencas the silver in 58.86 with Joshua Eguakhide (16) finishing 5th in 1.02.83. The 11/12 Freestyle Relay team again comprising Coogan, Sophia Moule, Kilby and O’Connor finished in 6th place.
Block B commenced at the LAC for the sprint events. Gencas started his sprint gold rush in the 50m Freestyle taking the top spot comfortably in 25.16 with Eguakhide finished in 10th place in the final in 26.96. Jack Ayling (17+ category) secured silver medal in 24.89. Sophia Moule (12) finished in 7th place in 30.76 and Victoria Dreleva came 5th in 29.24.
Mahmood claimed his first gold of the day, in the 50m Backstroke in a time of 35.05 and McCarthy came 7th in the final in 33.15. Amelia Moule finished 9th in the 50m Butterfly final in 32.16, whilst Zeina Yacoub (17+ category) swam 30.06 to finish 7th. Gencas came 9th in the 50m Breaststroke, O’Connor claimed a glorious bronze medal in 39.29 and McSheffrey finished 5th in 39.73.
Golden Mahmood took the top spot in the 50m Butterfly in 32.35. Amelia Moule claimed golden glory in the 50m Backstroke in 31.83, with Amber Mason (16) finishing 5th in the final in 33.32.
Amelia Moule collected bronze in the 50m Freestyle in 28.64, with Jopson in 9th in 29.77. Yacoub finished in 5th place in 27.49. Mahmood finished 7th in 31.73 whilst Mark Rigo (13) finished 6th in 29.67. Sophia Moule made her 2nd final of the day to claim 5th place in the 50m Backstroke in 37.01. Dreleva finished 6th in 33.41.
Gencas smashed the 50m Butterfly to take the much-coveted gold in 26.78! Eguakhide finished 8th in 28.76. Hagan was back to show her Breaststroke strength in the 50m event, taking gold in 35.44. Amelia Moule took bronze in 36.23 and Jess Ayling 5th in 35.10. The boys had 4 young finalists in their 50m Breaststroke: Mahmood 7th; Rigo claimed a well earned bronze medal in 39.02, Lewis Jarrett 9th and Danny Moody 10th. Dreleva finished 5th in the 50m Butterfly final in 31.16, before the sprints were wrapped up with the 50m Backstroke where Gencas took gold again in 28.65 and Aaron Wilson took 7th in 30.02 in the 17+category.
The 400m Freestyle gave Town four placed finished courtesy of Dreleva (7th) in 4.51.48; Hagan (5th) 4.50.53; Jospon the silver medal in 4.46.65 and Lauren Braxton (16) finished 8th in 4.59.27.
Mahmood took 4th in the 100m Freestyle in 1.08.14, Gencas gold in 53.61 and Jack Ayling silver in 55.26. The 200m 13/14 Freestyle Relay team comprising Rigo, McCarthy, Jarrett and Denis Drelev finished in 7th place.
Following the girls’ success, the boys 400M Freestyle produced 4 placed finishes: Mahmood took silver in 5.08.13; McCarthy bronze in 4.44.65; Gencas silver in 4.09.93 and Banga just missing the bronze by 27/100ths in 4.25.60. Rebecca Coogan made her first County final in the 100m Freestyle to finish in 8th place in 1.14.52, Dreleva had a great swim to take silver in 1.01.45, Amelia Moule claimed another gold in 59.65, Jopson finished 8th in 1.04.16 and Yacoub placed 8th in 1.01.17.
The 200m Freestyle Relay team comprising Jack Ayling, Daniel Gencas, Aaron Wilson and Joshua Eguakhide produced a great team effort to take bronze in 1.42.12.
The final block of the competition started with the 800m Freestyle, where Town showed their strength as distance swimmers: Mahmood secured silver in 10.32.21; McCarthy 6th in 10.03.74; Luke Marney 7th in 9.43.67, Gencas silver in 8.40.91, Banga just off the medals again in 4th in 9.12.67. Lexie O’Connor swam a brilliant race to finish 5th in 10.43.10; Dreleva 8th in 10.12.93; Hagan picked up silver in 9.43.5;, Amelia Moule silver in 9.17.81 and Jopson bronze in 9.38.43.
The gruelling 400IM secured Gencas a silver in 4.52.91 and Banga 5th place in 5.13.90. Coogan placed 8th in the 100m Backstroke final in 1.24.28, O’Connor 7th in 1.19.73, Dreleva 8th in 1.13.02 with Amelia Moule claiming another gold in 1.06.91. Dreleva then went on to take 8th place in the 200m Freestyle in 2.17.62. Amelia Moule dominated the 200m Backstroke to claim gold again in a time of 2.25.64.
The 100m Breaststroke gave Mahmood 8th place in 1.33.34, Jarrett 6th place in 1.30.89 and Gencas 6th place in 1.15.86. Jarrett then produced a superb swim in the 200m Breaststroke to claim a well earned bronze medal. Jopson just missed a medal in the 200m Butterfly, finishing 4th in 2.39.96, Braxton placed 7th in 2.44.98. O’Connor placed 8th in the 200m Backstroke in 2.49.84 with Dreleva also 8th in 2.33.98. Gencas picked up the silver in the 200IM. Rooney 7th in 1.17.32 in the 100m Butterfly final and Dreleva a bronze medal in 1.09.43.
Gencas just missed a podium finish taking 4th in the 200m Breaststroke in a time of 2.43.51, with Banga finishing 7th in 2.51.75. Mahmood took silver in the 200m Butterfly in 2.42.96. Hagan finished 5th in the 200m Freestyle in 2.15.40, Amelia Moule took silver in 2.10.61, Jopson 4th in
2.16.81 and Jess Ayling 5th in 2.17.02. Dreleva claimed 5th place in the 200IM in 2.34.42 and Jopson 7th in the 100m Butterfly final.
The quartet comprising Jess Ayling, Zeina Yacoub, Amelia Moule and Emily Milton wrapped up the competition in style taking a team bronze in the 200m Medley Relay.
RTSC finished in a very credible 5th place overall, with some notable top finishes. A special mention must go to Amelia Moule who secured the Top Girl Award in the age 16 category – a title she retains from last year’s County Champs.

Amelia Moule – Top Girl award in the 16 years age group
Daniel Gencas – Runner Up in the 16 years age group
Raheel Mahmood – Runner up in the 12 year age group
Holly Hagan – joint 4th in the 15 year age group
Isabelle Jopson – 6th in the 16 year age group
Victoria Dreleva – 7th in the 14 year age group
Connor McCarthy – 7th in the 14 year age group
Lexie O’Connor – 9th in the 12 year age group
Nathan Banga – 9th in the 16 year age group



Click HERE for Block A results

Click HERE for Block B results.

Click HERE for Block C results.

Click HERE for Top Boy/Girl results.

Click HERE for Top Club results.

Click HERE for Relay Results.


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