Wycombe Premier Meet 2019_Results & Gala Report

Wycombe Premier Meet 2019

Results for this meet can be found at the bottom of this page.

A small number of swimmers competed at the prestigious Wycombe gala – oversubscribed threefold!

Jack Ayling swam a time of . . . .

24.81 in his 50m Freestyle event.  Jess Ayling produced PBs in her Breaststroke events: 34.84 in the 50m and 1.16.07 in the 100m.

Victoria Dreleva swam 2.35.09 in the 200IM, 34.32 in the 50m Backstroke, 31.19 in the 50m Butterfly, 1.0.76 in the 100m Freestyle, 2.37.18 in the 200m Backstroke, 29.51 in the 50m Freestyle and 1.10.51 in the 100m Backstroke.

Daniel Gencas had a busy weekend kicking things off with 16.48.62 in the 1500m Freestyle.  He then swam 1.00.57 in the 100m Butterfly, 26.87 in the 50m Butterfly, 1.04.14 in the 100m Backstroke, 2,15,72 in the 200IM, 4.10.44 in the 400m Freestyle, 25.02 in the 50m Freestyle, in the 400IM, 1.57.00 in the 200m Freestyle, in the 50m Breaststroke, 54.40 in the 100m Freestyle, 2.17.02 in the 200m Backstroke and 30.62 in the 50m Backstroke.

Holly Hagan produced 2.34.77 in the 200IM, 1.18.47 in the 100m Breaststroke, 2.54.07 in the 200m Breaststroke and 36.34 in the 50m Breaststroke.

Isabelle Jopson swam 9.49.28 in the 800m Freestyle and 4.45.84 in the 400m Freestyle.

Amy Marren produced 2.42.80 in the 200IM, 1.13.81 in the 100m Butterfly, 1.06.58 in the 100m Freestyle, 5.02.07 in the 400m Freestyle and 1.15.39 in the 100m Backstroke.

Amelia Moule swam 9.26.59 in the 800m Freestyle and 2.36.93 in the 200IM.

The next Level 1 National qualifying gala is the Newham meet on 13/14 April at the LAC.



Click HERE for full results.



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