Essex County Championships 2020 (BLOCK B)_Results & Gala Report

Essex County Championships 2020 (BLOCK B)

*Results for this meet can be found at the bottom of this page.


Romford Town were off to a flying start at this year’s Essex Age Group Championships.  Day one was at the London Aquatic Centre where the fastest swimmers in the pool were decided as the 50m sprint events took place.

Town’s first medals were quick in coming, in the very first event, the Girls 9/10 yrs 200m Medley Team where . . . . . .

Lois Smith,  Tumininu Makinde, Amy Gimbird and Sophie Long , swam their hearts out to win a well deserved silver.

Next up was Daniel Gencas, 17, who won the open age group gold in a new Event Best Time of 24.40 for 50m Freestyle.  Team-mate Aaron Wilson 18, joined him in the final finishing in 7th place.

In the Girls 13 yrs Sophia Moule smashed her best to win silver in 29.05 as did Raheel Mahmood 13, who easily beat the competition for gold in 50m Backstroke winning by nearly 2 seconds over 2nd place in 32.15.  Denis Drelev came 8th in his final of  the 14 yrs event, and sister Victoria Dreleva 15, grabbed a bronze in a PB 29.76 for the 50m Butterfly.

Town’s next 3 finalists came in the 50m breaststroke event.  Ruthie Eguakhide won a bronze in the individual 10/11yrs, Rebecca Coogan 12, was 9th , and Lexie O’Connor13, came 5th – all in best times.

In the 50m butterfly Mahmood earned his second medal of the morning with a silver and Baris Muratoglu came 10th in his final of 11yrs event.  Last event of the morning went to Amelia Moule 17, who snatched a bronze in 50m backstroke open event.

The second session began and the girls 9/10 200m freestyle team of  Gimbird, Smith, Makinde,  and Long finished fourth.  Dreleva didn’t have to wait long to scoop her second medal a bronze in 50m freestyle and Amelia Moule narrowly missed out on bronze with 4th in her open final.  Sister Sophia finished 9th in her 50m backsrtroke final and Coogan 10th.

In the Mens Open 50m butterfly Gencas swam a superb final to win a dead heat for silver and another 17 year old event best performance time of 26.46.  Later Gencas added another silver this time in 50m backstroke.

Romford traditionally medal well in breaststroke events and, Holly Hagan 16, didn’t disappoint.  Hagan had her first event of the day winning gold easily in a PB 34.75.  Jess Ayling 19, swam a great race to win silver in the Open event also in a PB missing gold by 2/100ths of a second.  Dreleva swam well to 6th place in 15yr event.  Multi finalist Baris Muratoglu also grabbed 6th place in his race. Mahmood won his third medal of the day, a bronze, and finally  14 yr Mark Rigo finished 5th in his final.

Last event of a very long 12hour day in the pool came in 50m butterfly, Eguakhide came 7th in her event and Sophia Moule won a bronze medal, her second of the day.

Second day of the Championships and Romford, also strong in distance events were in the medals scooping 4 in the girls event.  Coogan won bronze in the 400m freestyle, with a fine PB.  O’Connor came 8th in the 13 yr final,  Dreleva also won bronze, Hagan won silver, and Amelia Moule won bronze with Izzy Jopson finishing well in 5th place.

In the 100m freestyle Open event Gencas, showed strong form to win gold by over a second in 52.89. In other age groups, Muratoglu swam a strong pb to come 7th Mahmood came 6th and finally Jamieson McLaren 14, came 7th.

In the 13/14 years womens 200m freestyle team Moule, O’Connor, Connie Kennedy and Charlotte Casey-Sweeney swam a tight race to come 6th.

The last session it was the boys turn to swim 400m freestyle.  It was a brilliant 4 medals again for Romford –with 2 golds. the first to Mahmood in a PB 4:50.55 and second gold to Gencas, also a PB in 4:07.69. McLaren and Connor Mccarthy 15, also won a bronze each. Nathan Banga 17, finished in 7th and Muratoglu 8th .

Last individual event was the Women’s 100m freestyle and again Town were in the medals with Dreleva winning silver in the 15yrs event and Amelia Moule the bronze in the Open race swimming just under the one minute mark.  13 yr old Moule was 8th place and Coogan 12, also finished  8th.

Finally the boys 13/14 yrs team race  of  Danny Moody, Drelev, Mahmood, and McLaren swam a close race to finish 8th place, scoring a valuable point for Romford.

Overall Town finished on the Club Points board in 4th position.  Head Coach Gary Rogers commented “A great start to the first of this years three County weekends.  There were so many great battling performances with nearly everybody coming away with personal best times.  I’m so proud of all of our swimmers”.





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